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Cosmetology (Skin & Dental)

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The department of Skin and Venereal Diseases is well equipped with all necessary equipment like Mechanical Dermabrator, Electrocautery, Microscopes, equipment for Punch Biopsy and other Minor Surgical Procedures and Cryosurgery. The faculty at the department runs a STD Clinic and Leprosy Clinic, both of which are supported by the Government of Gujarat. There are separated wards for patients with Leprosy and HIV-AIDS. The Department also has at disposal CO2 Laser for treatment of various dermatological disorders.

  • NABH Accredited Labs & Imaging Services
  • NACO & NABH Accredited Blood Bank
  • Green OT Certified OTs
  • Green Hospital Awarded Set-up
  • NABH Accredited Medical Services
  • NABH Accredited Nursing Services