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Women & Child Care

A world-class hospital that gives birth to hope.

Our Speciality Clinics

Infertility Clinic

The clinic offers guidance and information to those couples who are having difficulty in conception or have infertility. We have three diagnostic packages that help in finding the problem and the basis for the appropriate treatment required.

Parenting Clinic

The clinic offers services before pregnancy, care during pregnancy, and post-delivery care with a range of facilities that help to make parenthood a pleasant experience. Pre-Pregnancy counseling, advice, customized diagnostic packages, medical care during pregnancy, the intervention of physiotherapists and nutritionists for proper care of mother and child, availability of facilities and experts for high-risk pregnancies and deliveries, critical care set-up, neonatologist and pediatricians for the newborn care, all the services work in cohesion ensuring healthy and safe motherhood.

Menopause Clinic

The clinic offers holistic care to ensure a smooth transition from the reproductive stage to menopause. Experts help you find out the best options of care that you need during this stage which include medical care, physiotherapy, counseling, nutritional guidance, and psychological intervention to ease the transition.

Adolescent Clinic

The clinic offers all the services to help a child embrace the changes at the onset of his or her adulthood. In females problems related to menstruation, hormonal changes, obesity, hair growth in appropriate places, PCOS (hormonal imbalance), psychological stress, etc would be addressed. And in males, problems related to growth, identity crises, obesity, etc would be taken care of by experts with a multidisciplinary intervention.

Development Clinic

The clinic offers services for assessing and monitoring the physical and mental growth of children and intervening with appropriate solutions wherever required. Problems related to delayed physical and cognitive development, behavioral concerns, social and learning skills, etc, all of which are instrumental for a normal childhood would be assessed and advised appropriate help.