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Manibhai Shivabhai Patel Cancer Centre

We give a complete treatment for cancer. But what we recommend is prevention, through early diagnosis.

Being a tobacco growing belt, the Charutar region has a high rate of tobacco consumption leading to an increased occurrence of oral cancer among the local populace. High incidence of breast and cervical cancer among women of a certain age has also been recorded. To battle this worsening situation, Manibhai Shivabhai Patel Cancer Centre was established in 2004 with generous contribution from Sir Dorabji Tata Trust and Manibhai Shivabhai brothers. It houses state-of-the-art cancer equipments in radiation, medical and surgical oncology and is dedicated to the delivery of compassionate and expert care to the cancer patients. It also adheres to the motto of advancing its mandate of providing high quality training in understanding, diagnosing, treating, palliating, preventing and researching in the field of cancer.

The Centre was inaugurated on 27th August, 2004 by Shri Ratan Tata, Chairman, Tata Sons Limited. It boasts of full time Medical Oncologist, Radiation Oncologist, Medical Physicists and Radiation Technologists and also benefits from the services of visiting Medical and Surgical Oncologists.